Announcing: The New Keenan House!


The treatment provided at Keenan House reflects the ASAM criteria and DDAP designation for Level 3.5 Clinically Managed High Intensity Residential Services and exclusively serves adult men.


Our Mission:

To empower you to discover your pathway to recovery by providing quality compassionate care

Our Values:

We focus on strengths

We treat the individual

We serve our community

We celebrate achievements

We honor human dignity and diversity

We strengthen accountability and responsibility

We promote self-awareness and self-worth to restore self-respect


Treatment at Keenan House is tailored to your individual needs and you make choices about your specific treatment. You and your therapist will develop a master problem list together which ultimately drives your therapeutic goals. Treatment plans are a collaboration of therapist and resident, and reflect a combination of therapist/resident identified problems, goals, and action steps. Each treatment plan incorporates participation in psycho-education and primary groups with directed goals for each resident in their group process.



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Employees, clients and clients' families may submit reports anonymously to:

PREA Compliance Officer

18 S. 6th St., Allentown, PA 18101


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